My Ultimate massage provides the signature massage with the inclusion of a very intimate and personal prostate massage. No mechanical devices or sex toys are used, unless requested, just my expert fingers helping you to uncover and discover the pleasures of the Male G spot (there is much recent evidence that prostate massage maintains prostate health).  To cap everything off, you will enjoy a full lingam massage, teasing, edging and building, until finally brought to a mind-blowing orgasm. Sessions are available for 90 or 120 minutes duration.

This session has frequently been described as ‘sensually and sexually intense’, and as such you should consider your openness to deeply intimate contact and feelings before booking this session.


Tantra is an India-based massage technique that has a focus on chakra centres in the body. Strokes and pressure is used to work with and stimulate specific chakras during the session.

My Tantra massage is an immersive, male-to-male, full body naturist experience, which aims to draw together the physical, mental and spiritual elements within our bodies.  It is a progressive massage designed to take you on a sensual journey. Genital contact will be part of your tantric massage. Despite this, the primary goals are sensual and spiritual rather than sexual.

“Having a sensual massage with another man is a liberating experience. To be held, touched, massaged and released from your daily stresses is liberating and allows you some private time to just ‘be’.”

Touch is just one of the five senses, but perhaps the one that connects with our emotions and feelings the most. Intimacy and sensual touch are an important part of our physical and mental well-being and to be touched by another man feels both natural and powerful.  Our sessions are all about sensual touch. Using my arms, hands and fingertips, etc., the techniques used are gentle, stimulating and effective.

All of us require a sensitive recharge from time to time and my tantra sessions recognise the needs of my clients to be nurtured and caressed, without the reciprocation that is generally demanded by our significant other.

If you are new to tantra, we may start with an undressing ritual, where each part of your body is slowly revealed, gently touched, stroked and held closely, enabling you to become accustomed to my touch, making us equal and promoting male bonding.