You may be two friends who are comfortable in your skins looking to experience a closer bond, to learn from each other as you are pleasured, curious to experience intimacy with a voyeuristic twist, or you may be in a relationship that has lost the intimate spark and wanting to connect or reconnect with each other and to reawaken the sexual senses.  It is an ideal preamble for sexual intercourse, representing a more extreme and closer intimacy, something affective, sensual, erotic and passionate.

By both receiving a massage based upon my ultimate session, your minds will be opened to a spectacular form of incomparable seduction full of excitement, emotion and desire for one-another. The undressing ritual will be synchronised and performed by us all, promoting a oneness between us to set the desired ambiance.

Couples massage can be given as 2 separate 45-minute body massages or, to enhance the togetherness you can experience 90 minutes of sensuous sexual awakening given to both parties at the same time; your bodies are energised and explored in synchrony.

This is a highly personalised service, so please do discuss with me your situation and your goals. We can create sessions that meet your needs, whatever your personal situation.